Typhoon to be serviced fewer times

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The RAF will delay from 100 hours the maintenance on the Typhoon, saving lots of tax payer’s money at the same time. Indeed, the Royal Air Force has agreed to an increase in intervals between services for its elite fighter jet – Typhoon, saving more than £100m. the Typhoon will be serviced after every 500 flying hours instead of the current 400 hours. The other upside is that the jet fighters will be even more available for duty. The agreement follows a detailed analysis to ensure the changes could be implemented without compromising safety. In the first instance, it is a major step forward in safety terms, ensuring that inspections and maintenance are carried out at the right intervals and based on the best available data and evidence from many thousands of hours of flying operations. The route to this achievement was made possible by strong co-operation and partnership between DE&S, BAE Systems and the Royal Air Force and everyone involved should be rightly proud of the role they played in making this vision a reality

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