Stealing F-35 information

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F-35 sensitive information is being stolen. And this is a problem. Espionage of course is a big thing, even in our relatively pacified world, but in some circles, spying and stealing are still very much on the agenda. Defense acquisitions chief Frank Kendall told a Senate hearing he was reasonably confident that classified information related to the development of the F-35 was well-protected. “But I’m not at all confident that our unclassified information is as well-protected,” he said. “A lot of that is being stolen right now and it’s a major problem for us,” Kendall told a Senate hearing on development of the Lockheed Martin fighter, a so-called fifth generation aircraft capable of evading radar and integrated air defense systems. The F-35 is the costliest weapons program in U.S. history. The United States is building it along with eight international partners and intends to purchase nearly 2,450 of the aircraft at a cost of almost $400 billion. Of course, we do not believe that Iran will launch their stealth jet fighter as they claimed to demonstrate in the past months, but getting these data will definitely help the Chinese, Russians and Pakistan. Basically, all countries involved in developing the next generation fighter jet. The remarks by the defense acquisitions chief came a month after the Pentagon said in its annual China report that Beijing was using cyber espionage to acquire advanced technologies to fuel its fast-paced military modernization program. The report for the first time charged that cyber intrusions into U.S. government computer systems appeared to be directly attributable to the Chinese government and military, adding the main purpose was to benefit its defense industries.

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