Russia and Egypt in arms talks.

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Russia and Egypt are discussing the future, and this is quite some news as the former Egyptian president still awaits trials, and as a result, the USA has voiced their concerned about the situation. This has played well in the hands of the Russian who have taken the opportunity to discuss the future of their common interests. Bilateral ties between Russia and Egypt are old, in particular in military areas, and this was discussed by the Russian defence minister with his Egyptian counterpart yesterday.” The talks came as a Russian warship docked at an Egyptian base on the Red Sea, army sources said, adding that it was the second such vessel to arrive this week. The unofficial visit was aimed at “strengthening links between the navies of the two countries”, they said. Lavrov declined to be drawn into commenting on political developments in Egypt, where the new government has launched a massive crackdown on Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood and put most of its leaders, including Morsi, on trial. “Russia is against any foreign intervention in internal affairs and we respect Egypt’s sovereignty and the rights of Egyptian people to determine their future,” he said. Before ending their visit, the Russians also met interim president Adly Mansour, when Lavrov offered “the support of Russia to the people of Egypt during this difficult transitional period,” state news agency MENA reported. Egypt had close ties with Russia before then president Anwar Sadat made peace with Israel in 1979, bringing in roughly $1.3 billion in yearly US military aid over the subsequent decades. Diplomatic ties between Egypt and the United States soured after Washington suspended some of its military aid to Cairo after Morsi’s ouster.

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