A look back at the MiG-21

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-2 1 is one of the world’s best known and most used interceptors and its operational career on the front line was exceptionally long. The project of the… Read more »


Breaking the sound barrier

Let’s have a look back on one of the most iconic aircraft which inspired many people to become a fighter pilot and pilot all over – the Bell X-1. Shortly… Read more »


A-10 Thunderbolt fires laser guided rocket

The A-10 Thunderbolt is getting an upgrade as it fired its first laser guided rocket, which impacted only inches away from the target, demonstrating the power of such weapons. The… Read more »


China purchases 24 SU-35

China is continuing to build up its arsenal. With tensions rising in Korea, this maybe the second bad news of the week as China has agreed to buy two dozen… Read more »


1st UK flight on the F-35B

Frankie Buchler was like a little kid on Christmas Eve as he arrived at the tarmac at Eglin Air Force Base to take control of the F-35B JSF. Why ?… Read more »


Modernization of the Saudi Airforce

The Saudis are modernizing the air force, starting with the F-15 which getting fly by wire technology. We would assume it would be mandatory on all jet fighters today, but… Read more »


20th anniversary for the B-2 bomber

The mighty B-2 stealth bomber is now celebrating its 20th anniversary, being delivered 20 years ago at Whitman. Happy Birthday B-2 Spirit. The stealth bomber is getting ready to celebrate… Read more »


10 Mio flight hours for the P&W F-117

Pratt & Whitney reach a stunning milestone for the engine of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster, exceeding 10 million flight hours. This comes as a good news on the shoulders of… Read more »


The Dutch don’t want the JSF?

The Dutch don’t want the JSF? Can you believe a country would simply say “no” to one of the best aircrafts in the world. Would that be because the Dutch… Read more »


That secret US base in Saudi Arabia

That secret US base in Saudi Arabia is making all neighboring countries nervous. The BBC reported that the CIA has been operating a secret base for drones in Saudi Arabia… Read more »