More drones for the Middle East

The Middle East is currently the largest buyer of drones. And for two reasons. Firstly as they have the cash. Secondly as tensions are heating up in the region. Growing… Read more »


China will be largest Defense spender by 2021

The time has come – The USA will soon be overtaken by Asia Pacific Regions as biggest spenders for Defense. For very long the United States has been the leading… Read more »


Stealing F-35 information

F-35 sensitive information is being stolen. And this is a problem. Espionage of course is a big thing, even in our relatively pacified world, but in some circles, spying and… Read more »


Droneliner, the future is now

A business aircraft has flown 800km without pilot in civilian airspace. Of course, there was a pilot, but miles away as he controlled the first drone liner. This is another… Read more »


F-35 missile test

The F-35 is getting closer and closer to completion after aAn F-35A conventional takeoff and landing aircraft completed the first in-flight missile launch of an AIM-120 over the Point Mugu… Read more »


Volcanic ash detection system

Easyjet is testing a volcanic ash detection system called AVOID. The objective is to be able to detect whether an aircraft can fly or not in the conditions experienced in… Read more »


50 years of the Falcon brand

Dassault celebrates 50 years of the Falcon brand and will line-up some of the best aircrafts during this year’s EBACE event in Geneva. The lineup will feature the recently certificated… Read more »


Navy tests for the X-47

The X-47B started its carrier-based tests, reaching another milestone this weekend. During Saturday’s test, the X-47B used a tailhook on the aircraft to catch a carrier representative cable, known as… Read more »


Waverider reaches Mach 5.1

The quest for speed still goes on and a serious breakthrough was achieved over last weekend with the Waverider reaching Mach 5.1 over the Pacific. The cruiser traveled more than… Read more »


PAK FA 1st flight tests

Air Force pilot of the Chkalov Flight Test Center made a PAK FA test flight for the first time. The plane took off the airfield of the M.M.Gromov Flight Research… Read more »