Tensions in East Asia skies

The US have joined Japan and China in leveling the tensions up in the East Asia skies. After Beijing upset the region by declaring a new air defense zone over… Read more »


Global still going down

After the shut down and the breakdown of budgets, military aviation specialist Global aviation Holding has been left to chapter 11. Indeed, the largest provider of air charter service for… Read more »


Russia and Egypt in arms talks.

Russia and Egypt are discussing the future, and this is quite some news as the former Egyptian president still awaits trials, and as a result, the USA has voiced their… Read more »


Syrian jets safe in Iran

As events get tougher and tougher in Syria, here is a little something that demonstrates how complicated things are in the region. Syria, not wanting to lose all military advantage,… Read more »

predator drone

US shifts drone operations out of Djibouti

Is the sky over Djibouti too crowded ? That seems the case according to US Officials as the US are shifting its drone operations from Djibouti to a more remote… Read more »


The future of the Air Force

The US Air Force has always tried to think ahead in order to maximize its grip of the world. And very recently, the The leader of Air Combat Command unveiled… Read more »


Russia to support Iran nuclear deal

Everyone seems inclined to assist in the Middle East these days, and especially Russia. Putin is now getting his game rolling as met Iran’s new president for the first time…. Read more »


RedFlag Alaska is on

Operation RedFlag Alaska is on again! Red Flag is an advanced aerial combat training exercise hosted at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada and Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, the latter… Read more »


Typhoon to be serviced fewer times

The RAF will delay from 100 hours the maintenance on the Typhoon, saving lots of tax payer’s money at the same time. Indeed, the Royal Air Force has agreed to… Read more »


Biggest mission for RAF Typhoon

The Eurofighter Typhoon has demonstrated its power and agility during one of the biggest mission ever undertaken by the Royal Air Force for this jet fighter. They performed the QWI… Read more »