Ask the people to buy the Gripen

So when your country needs to check if they need the next generation of fighter jets, just wait until they ask if this is a good idea. This is what… Read more »


Again, a crash for the Indian Air Force

India continues its unfortunate list of crashes and danger situations as a C-130 crashed. This is the third crash of a C-130, but unfortunately, it adds to the list of… Read more »


Doubts over MiG-31 Syrian purchase

Recent reports regarding the planned purchase of MiG-31 Foxhound aircraft by the Syrian Air Force have considerably muddied the waters and it is now unclear whether or not the deal… Read more »

formation flying jet fighter

Formation flying in a jet fighter

Want to do a jet ride ? You can now do better with formation flying in a jet fighter. Live the thrills of a jet fighter ride whilst flying in… Read more »


Russia to receive 21 new Sukoi jet fighters

Russia’s air force will receive 21 Sukhoi Su-30SM multirole fighter jets in 2014, the Irkut aircraft maker said Wednesday. “We have delivered 16 Su-30SM planes so far. An additional 21… Read more »


South Korea to sell own jet fighters

South Korea is getting in the jet fighter game as they are selling fighters to partner countries. Indeed, The Philippines said Friday a deal has been reached to buy 12… Read more »


Iran is still pushing for own jet fighter

Iran is still going at it with the big news of the unveiling of a new jet fighter, the Lighting, or Azarakhsh. Authorities are stating the aircraft is going testings… Read more »


More military aircrafts deployed in South Sudan

South Sudan is in a terrible state, and countries are asked to chip in further more to assist in bringing peace to the region. That’s why Australia will add more… Read more »


The end of big bucks fighter aircrafts

That’s the end of big bucks fighter jets as it seems the world, even the countries into strong growth, just had enough of spending too much on fighter aircrafts. This… Read more »


The world’s largest military aviation museum is about to get bigger

The world’s largest military aviation museum is about to get bigger. The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force is set to expand its legacy with a new 224,000 square… Read more »