Navy reaffirms commitment to F-35

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Despite what’s circulating in the news and media, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jon Greenert is firmly committed to the F-35C Lightning II, a Navy spokesman said. Greenert recently raised eyebrows with an article in the July issue of Proceedings, the magazine for the U.S. Naval Institute, in which he touched on the limits of stealth technology. Some interpreted these comments as a slam on the stealthy F-35, even though that aircraft was not specifically mentioned. Suggestions that the CNO is hesitant about the jet are inaccurate, said Capt. Danny Hernandez, a spokesman for Greenert.

“He has always been firmly committed to the F-35,” Hernandez said. “To make it clear, we are not walking way from the F-35.” Greenert, in the Proceedings article, said technological developments such as low-frequency radars and multiple active-radar networks will chip away at stealth’s effectiveness and limit how close a stealthy plane or ship can get to a target. As such, the Navy needs to find new “payloads” to operate around stealth-defeating capabilities, including long-range precision weapons and electronic warfare systems.

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