More military aircrafts deployed in South Sudan

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South Sudan is in a terrible state, and countries are asked to chip in further more to assist in bringing peace to the region. That’s why Australia will add more military aircrafts in the region. Indeed, Australia will provide two military aircraft to move United Nations forces into South Sudan and possibly help with evacuations, but is yet to consider providing any other assistance. Truss said the Australian Defence Force (ADF) was preparing to provide a C-130 Hercules and a C-17A Globemaster to move UN personnel and equipment into South Sudan and undertake other tasks, potentially including evacations. They were operating in the Middle East and would be sent to the United Arab Emirates to await their future tasks. “The precise deployment timeframe, which we expect will be just a couple of weeks, will be subject to the United Nations accepting the offer, and the aircraft will not be positioned to Africa until we are satisfied about the scope and nature of the mission and the risks have been properly assessed,” Truss said in Melbourne. “We trust that this mission will be relatively brief; that we will be able to make a constructive contribution to this United Nations force and that peace will return to South Sudan just as soon as possible.” Truss acknowledged the mission would carry risks, noting a US aircraft was fired upon as it tried to evacuate civilians on 21 December. Truss said the two aircraft would have appropriate crew to undertake the tasks, but no other additional Australian personnel were being deployed. Truss said about 70 Australians were registered with the Australian mission in South Sudan, many of whom were personnel from non-government organisations. The government was also aware of about 230 Australians who had already left South Sudan. He called on anyone remaining in South Sudan to make urgent arrangements to leave the country, saying some commercial flights were still available.

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