Lockheed Martin to modernize Jordan’s air command

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Lockheed Martin has been awarded a 26Mio USD sales contract to modernize the Jordanian Air Force’s national air command, control and communications infrastructure. The objective is for Lockheed Martin to deliver a fully integrated air picture in real time, across diverse command centers, some of which may be remote. This is done in order to protect the country’s airspace. With input from radars and other data links, the system will assist in detecting incoming air traffic and also provide the capabilities needed for airspace management, air sovereignty and air defense missions. The system will provide enhanced situational awareness of Jordanian airspace at all times. Lockheed Martin successfully fielded similar command and control systems in Iraq, Kazakhstan and Taiwan, in addition to ten North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries. This is great news for Lockheed Martin who gains additional markets abroad and deters the effect of the economic crises on several orders of its aircraft divisions. This is also good news for Jordan as the country is literally in the middle of a potential drama, being neighbor to Iran, Syria, Israel, Iraq and Egypt. The Jordanian airspace is therefore critical, and getting the real time picture is strategic especially when a missile or fast jet fighter can cross the country in less than a few minutes. This contract also demonstrates the openness of the Kingdom of Jordan to the western world, as it has always been, proving a strategic ally in the region, and especially one to cherish given the circumstances.

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