France’s hard stance on the L39

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It seems France is taking the hard way towards jet fighter rides with new legislation currently being implemented. This is a good thing as flying a jet fighter and taking a passenger is not a picnic party but on the contrary, a very serious experience. The implementation of the text which tends to professionalize jet fighter rides has been deployed after an unbelievable story. One operator has been charged with various counts, including endangering the life of passengers as maintenance seemed loose. The plane was grounded with immediate effect. Apparently, this aircraft – L39 Albatros – was stolen by another operator who was in dispute with the man charged. Now how do steal a grounded aircraft is a mystery that comes to show the structures may required some professionalization… After these events, the DGAC, the administration in charge of air regulation, has decided to ground all structures flying L39. One may ask why ? Well, there is no apparent or formulated reason for this, but it could be coming from the lobbying of a third party or following the rising number of L39 crashes that have happened around the world in the past years.

One may ask if the L39 is a more dangerous aircraft than others. Some will say yes, because it is a single engine plane, and it has been known for weaknesses in parts of the engine, provoking fan explosions, engine failures and consequently crashes. However this technical problem is not enough to challenge the operators most of whom have been serous with maintenance. Pilots are not more suicidal than the passengers they bring along. So what explains the rising numbers of crashes in the USA and Europe ? Mostly pilots. Some crashes have been because of stupid behaviors and arrogance. Many pilots have believed themselves to be over the rest of the pack, better, and not meticulous enough and they simply took too many risks in flight. Consequently they crashed. And it is a shame that the decisions of a few may impact all of the other operators but unless people start to discipline themselves, regulators will find it is their job to do so. The even more unfortunate aspect of it is that most of the regulators have never flown an aircraft.

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