Fly a jet fighter and become a Top Gun for day

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If you feel like a Top Gun and want to check out what it actually feels like, enrol and become a jet fighter pilot for day. This is a unique experience to be lived once in a lifetime. There are many aircrafts available, but few people know this. You can actually fly a jet fighter in Russia, France and other countries such as the USA. Flying a jet fighter is extraordinary. Once you are seated in the cockpit with the engines on, feeling nervous about what to expect next, you will experience a once a lifetime experience. What we do: aerobatics, low level flying, inverted flying, loops, and we will even let you take the controls of our jet fighter so you can feel what it is to actually fly a jet fighter! A jet fighter ride is a physical experience and you will expect to feel the famous G Force. Anyone can fly a jet fighter, you just need to be rested, be happy about what you are about to experience as you will soon become part of the elite who have flown a jet fighter. Want to know more ? Check out the specialist:

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