Fighter pilot and dogfight experience

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Become a real fighter pilot for a day as you engage your enemies in a real air combat dogfight. The aircrafts are equipped with laser systems which trigger smoke if your aim and shoot right. You will be coach by real fighter pilots who will share their extensive experience with you. All this is done over the vineyards of Medoc, near Bordeaux, which does not hurt as well, especially if you plan on going wine tasting after your dogfight. After a full morning briefing about flying techniques and air combat, you will be the top gun pilot engaging in a real dogfight. Each aircraft is equipped with a laser targeting system and smoke system. Aim, shoot, and see your rival aircraft smoke as you hit the plane. This amazing experience is done near Bordeaux in France. You will be welcomed from 9h00 for breakfast. Meet the fighter pilots. Morning briefing: flying techniques, presentation of the aircrafts, dogfight and aerial combat techniques. Lunch: eat with the team (cost at your expense)


Afternoon: two flights per person. Each flight last between 40mn to 1hour depending on resistance and strength of participants. Live a unique and extraordinary experience as you engage in a real air combat experience. Each flight follows a mission designed from the start of the flight – see below the variety of missions you can choose from. Late afternoon: debrief. Drinks.

1st mission : formation flying: Evolutions in formation flight. Follow your leader – one aircraft follows the other within 3s, in formation (enables to get practice for future combat maneuvers) – then switch roles

2nd mission: Air Combat – dogfight. For security reasons, controls of the aircraft are held by the fighter pilot when in Leader position.

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