F-16 crashes in the Adriatic sea

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The F-16 jet fighter that was missing has apparently been found as debris was found in the ocean in Italy. Italy’s coast guard service has been looking for a missing F-16 US fighter jet off the country’s Adriatic coast. Italian and US aircraft are also involved in the search for the jet and its pilot, believed to have been the only person aboard. Air traffic control lost contact with the F-16 on Monday evening, but fog and darkness hampered the search overnight. The US military says the plane took off from Italy’s Aviano air base and was performing a training mission over the Adriatic Sea. Italian media has reported that a fishing boat picked up some pieces of debris that could be parts of a US airforce plane. This is the second time recently that a pilot crashed an F-16. Last time was in South Carolina during a training exercise as two pilots collided about 40 miles east of Folly Beach, S.C., over the Atlantic Ocean around 8:30 p.m. Oct. 15, according to an Air Force news release. The pilot of one plane, Capt. Lee Bryant, was able to safely land his damaged jet at Charleston AFB, S.C. The other pilot, Capt. Nicholas Giglio, is missing. The Adriatic sea is a regular play ground for fighter pilots and it can only be assumed that bad weather conditions led to the dramatic accident.

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