China showcases its capabilities at AirShow China 2012

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China is get truly open as it hopes to gain new customers at its Airshow China 2012 opening mid November. Offering unprecedented openness, China’s aviation and aerospace industries are gearing up to showcase their technologies and products at this trade show to attract international customers. The country’s aviation and aerospace industries will be front and center as they occupy two of the three major exhibition halls. The People’s Liberation Army and its air force will present a large compliment of China-made fighter aircraft, including two types of attack helicopters that have previously been largely kept from public view. The Aviation Industry Corporation of China will officially acknowledge the existence of China’s second stealth fighter, dubbed by outsiders as the “J-31,” which made its maiden flight on October 31. China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation and China North Industries Group Corporation will show off a complete series of air defense weapons, ranging from a radar-controlled, high-speed Gatling gun that can destroy in-coming munitions and missiles, to long-range missiles that are capable of intercepting hostile aircraft from over 100 kilometers away. Airshow China has in some ways become a military showcase for Chinese aviation and aerospace companies. One reason is that there is no point for Western weapons manufactures to show up due to the arms embargo, and China is also becoming less dependent on Russian weapons.

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