Breitling team aircraft crashes

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The news unfortunately rebound on our previous article about the L39 and France’s new tough legislation on jet fighter ride as one of the L39 of the Breitling Jet Team crashed when returning from an airshow in Belgium. The pilot was coming to land when he noticed a technical problem leading to an engine failure. With all his experience he managed to get the plane to an inhabited area and eject, leaving the aircraft to crash but saving his and his passenger’s life. The L39 is starting to get a reputation now with so many crashes. Some were due to the stupidity and overconfidence of some pilots, but many were due to technical and engine failures. Although the little world of aviation seems to turn a blind eye, one must say that with so many problems the aircraft may be cursed altogether… This accident arrives at a time when many administrations are double checking the L39, which unfortunately has made front news recently. Many crashes have been reported, usually unfortunately with the deaths of experienced pilots. This is another drop in the bucket that may well be full now, and many will rethink the overall safety of the aircraft and especially the engine, which failure has been responsible in many crashes in the past. It is also fair to say that many crashes have been due to excess of confidence and sometimes stupidity. What is also surprising with the Breitling Jet Team is that they will not wait for the conclusions on the accident to decide whether to cancel the shows or not. I know you don’t forbid all Boeing or Airbus from flying when there is a crash, but the L39 is a peculiar aircraft, pushed to the limits by the display, and it would be wise to truly understand what happened.

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