Breaking the sound barrier in freefall

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Freefall speed record from space. What a performance impeccably executed by Felix Baumgartner who made history by jumping from a capsule at 120,000 feet, or 39km of altitude and breaking the sound barrier freefalling. After about 2h in the capsule, gaining altitude in a balloon inflated with helium, Baumgartner started the procedure with former jumper Joe Kittinger who jumped from 100,000 feet in the 1960s. Felix Baumgartner made history by breaking a few records: highest altitude reached by a man with a balloon, fastest speed in freefall, breaking the sound barrier at 1341,9 kmh, and highest altitude for a freefall jump. The jump was an outstanding performance, demonstrating that man can push the limits. The jump was followed by 7 million people online, which is another performance. There were 35 cameras filming the entire adventure from the capsule to ground control. Congratulations again to Felix and the team who made the adventure possible, and actually did it. Get more info on the website:

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