Black Eagles – 1st Asian team to perform in Europe

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Aircraft of a very different type were seen over the North Yorkshire skies this week as Royal Air Force Leeming hosted an aerobatic team preparing to make their debut at UK air shows after almost 20 years of preparation. The Republic of Korea Air Force’s aerobatic display team, the Black Eagles, were based at the North Yorkshire Station whilst they prepared for airshows at Waddington and Fairford, becoming the first aerobatics display team from Asia to perform in Europe. The distinctive T-50 ‘Golden Eagle’ supersonic light-trainer jets of the Black Eagles were flown into the UK in a dismantled state, before being transported to RAF Leeming by road and then rebuilt by the team’s crew of engineers. The jets then departed in formation, providing an impromptu treat over the North Yorkshire skies.

After performing all over the UK, the Black Eagles will be returning to RAF Leeming to dismantle their jets before returning home. Group Captain Tony Innes, Station Commander, said: “It was an honour and a privilege for all staff at Royal Air force Leeming to facilitate and support the Black Eagle formation display team during their extremely important visit to the United Kingdom. Indeed, many of the staff at Leeming are looking forward to seeing the team’s display at both Waddington and the Royal International Air Show knowing that they have collectively helped and supported the team during their high profile visit to the United Kingdom.”

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