Biggest mission for RAF Typhoon

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The Eurofighter Typhoon has demonstrated its power and agility during one of the biggest mission ever undertaken by the Royal Air Force for this jet fighter. They performed the QWI (Qualified Weapons Instructors) course, with a total of 265 sorties which were flown on 6 days in an exercise. The QWI courses are where we fuse the physical, moral and conceptual components of air fighting power at the tactical level. We’re taking our brightest and best and making them the most capable and aware tactical operators they can be. For the first time they’ve executed missions involving the entire Typhoon Force which, along with other force elements, gives a real operational feel. The exercise challenges the whole spectrum of what Typhoon can do as a platform; not only fighting air-to-air, but also finding, fixing and prosecuting targets on the ground. A total of 22 Typhoons from 5 different squadrons took part in a combat search and rescue scenario that also included Tornado GR4s, United States Air Force (USAF) F-15 Eagles and Danish F-16s, as well as support and attack helicopters.

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