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Flying stars

Flying stars feng shui for 2008 looks at the effect of the 9 celestial stars on our planet. I will based my 2008 feng shui using this technique. Perhaps you… Read more »


Pleasure jet fighter rides in the South of France

Head for Aix en Provence – south of France- in October for your chance to experience a jet fighter ride. For a month, a specialist travel agent will station a… Read more »


Japan unveils stealth jet fighter

Stealth technology is simply necessary nowadays, and especially when it comes to jet fighters. So it is no surprise that Japan has unveiled it’s latest project, which is supposed to… Read more »


Fly a jet fighter and become a Top Gun for day

If you feel like a Top Gun and want to check out what it actually feels like, enrol and become a jet fighter pilot for day. This is a unique… Read more »


RAF Typhoons intercept Russian aircrafts, again

British jet fighters were scrambled again to intercept Russian aircrafts in the Baltic Airspace. This is now a regular occurrence and European authorities are getting quite impatient with Russia. The… Read more »


India closing the deal for the Rafale ?

It looks like finally, France will sell the Rafale. Indeed, India is closer to finally sealing the almost $20 billion MMRCA (medium multirole combat aircraft) project to acquire 126 French… Read more »


Pakistani air force kills 32 in precision strikes

Pakistan used jet fighters to do some precision air strikes near the Afghan border, killing 32. The targeted people were key commanders of a terrorist group. The official however did… Read more »


Saab Loses $3.5Bn on the Gripen

When you ask, most will say no. That’s what happened for the Gripen and Switzerland, which resulted in a cancelled ordered of 3.5 billion USD for SAAB. The swedes are… Read more »


US getting closer to Eastern countries

As events are heating up in Eastern Europe, and especially in Ukraine, concerns are raisings about the next move. Putin must be having a laugh as he played very well… Read more »


4 RAF Typhoons sent in the Baltic

Tensions are rising with Russia. Ukraine and Crimea are shedding light on rising tensions with Russia, and as a result, European countries are following up on escalating steps. Only last… Read more »