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Again, a crash for the Indian Air Force

India continues its unfortunate list of crashes and danger situations as a C-130 crashed. This is the third crash of a C-130, but unfortunately, it adds to the list of… Read more »


Doubts over MiG-31 Syrian purchase

Recent reports regarding the planned purchase of MiG-31 Foxhound aircraft by the Syrian Air Force have considerably muddied the waters and it is now unclear whether or not the deal… Read more »

formation flying jet fighter

Formation flying in a jet fighter

Want to do a jet ride ? You can now do better with formation flying in a jet fighter. Live the thrills of a jet fighter ride whilst flying in… Read more »


Russia to receive 21 new Sukoi jet fighters

Russia’s air force will receive 21 Sukhoi Su-30SM multirole fighter jets in 2014, the Irkut aircraft maker said Wednesday. “We have delivered 16 Su-30SM planes so far. An additional 21… Read more »