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Typhoon to be serviced fewer times

The RAF will delay from 100 hours the maintenance on the Typhoon, saving lots of tax payer’s money at the same time. Indeed, the Royal Air Force has agreed to… Read more »


Biggest mission for RAF Typhoon

The Eurofighter Typhoon has demonstrated its power and agility during one of the biggest mission ever undertaken by the Royal Air Force for this jet fighter. They performed the QWI… Read more »


More drones for the Middle East

The Middle East is currently the largest buyer of drones. And for two reasons. Firstly as they have the cash. Secondly as tensions are heating up in the region. Growing… Read more »


China will be largest Defense spender by 2021

The time has come – The USA will soon be overtaken by Asia Pacific Regions as biggest spenders for Defense. For very long the United States has been the leading… Read more »