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Stealing F-35 information

F-35 sensitive information is being stolen. And this is a problem. Espionage of course is a big thing, even in our relatively pacified world, but in some circles, spying and… Read more »


Droneliner, the future is now

A business aircraft has flown 800km without pilot in civilian airspace. Of course, there was a pilot, but miles away as he controlled the first drone liner. This is another… Read more »


F-35 missile test

The F-35 is getting closer and closer to completion after aAn F-35A conventional takeoff and landing aircraft completed the first in-flight missile launch of an AIM-120 over the Point Mugu… Read more »


Volcanic ash detection system

Easyjet is testing a volcanic ash detection system called AVOID. The objective is to be able to detect whether an aircraft can fly or not in the conditions experienced in… Read more »