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The MiG and Sukhoi rivalry

Despite being on same side for a very long time, Mikoyan Gurevitch and Sukhoi have become competitors due to free market. The changing economic conditions have transformed the way these… Read more »


India will export the Sukhoi T-50

India will be entering the jet fighter game big time in 2020 when the country starts exporting a variant of the Russian Sukhoi T-50 stealth fighter. This information was confirmed… Read more »


Breaking the sound barrier in freefall

Freefall speed record from space. What a performance impeccably executed by Felix Baumgartner who made history by jumping from a capsule at 120,000 feet, or 39km of altitude and breaking… Read more »


More drones than jet fighters for strikes

More drones than jet fighters for strikes. This is the trend which is being drawn by the USA in the current war against terrorism worldwide, and especially in Africa and… Read more »


Fighter pilot and dogfight experience

Become a real fighter pilot for a day as you engage your enemies in a real air combat dogfight. The aircrafts are equipped with laser systems which trigger smoke if… Read more »