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China reinforces its military aviation

China reinforces its military aviation. Chinese officials have let spotters take some photographs of their newly aircraft – the Shenyang J-21/31. The military aircraft is the second unveiling since about… Read more »

breitling jet team

Breitling team aircraft crashes

The news unfortunately rebound on our previous article about the L39 and France’s new tough legislation on jet fighter ride as one of the L39 of the Breitling Jet Team… Read more »


France’s hard stance on the L39

It seems France is taking the hard way towards jet fighter rides with new legislation currently being implemented. This is a good thing as flying a jet fighter and taking… Read more »


Waverider fails because of a fin

A U.S. military test flight of the experimental hypersonic “Waverider” ended prematurely when the aircraft broke apart in the air over the Pacific Ocean due to a failure with its… Read more »