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Operation redflag Alaska

The US Air Force’s Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptors are participating in their first Red Flag-Alaska war-games with German Eurofighter Typhoon fighters and other foreign aircraft. Poland is flying its first Red… Read more »


Norway orders the first F-35

Norway today commenced the largest public procurement project in its history. The event was marked by Minister of Defence Espen Barth Eide authorizing the order for the first F-35A Lightning… Read more »


5th generation aircrafts are strategic

Fifth-generation fighter aircraft are key to America maintaining domain dominance in the years ahead, Air Force officials said here Jan. 24. Lt. Gen. Christopher D. Miller, the deputy chief of… Read more »


The Tornado to keep going in the RAF

A new six-month study contract known as Tornado Project Quest will look at the future sustainment requirements for the UK’s Tornado fleet. The majority of work for the study will… Read more »